English words 2- More free PDFs to download

more english words free to download

English words for cooks and travellers

In this second series of Vocabulary Sheets we look at three groups of English words related to the kitchen, and one other which may come in handy for fans of DIY.  This week’s post brings to 8 the number of vocabulary sheets we’ve published so far in 2016.  If you haven’t saved those from the previous week (with vocabulary related to the face, the body, clothes and accessories) you can check out the post here.

Remember that you are welcome to download and save or print as many of the sheets as you would like. The PDFs are very lightweight, so they can easily be sent to, and saved on, mobile devices too.

English words 5-8

5. The kitchen

english words kitchen

What are the names of those small kitchen appliances that make our lives so much easier? No, I don’t mean mothers! In this, our first sheet about the kitchen, we teach students the names of devices that they are actually likely to use in real life. We’ll also look at verbs related to cooking and see how to give recipe instructions in English.

Open pdf: The kitchen in English 1

6. Fruits 1

words for fruits apples lemons

Let’s start with an orange. So as not to overload students, this first foray into the world of fruits features only the most common examples (At least, the varieties which are most commonly found in my local supermarket!). As well as verbs such as ‘squeeze‘ and ‘cut‘ we also show students how to describe fruit with adjectives such as ‘crunchy‘ and ‘rotten‘.

Open pdf: Fruits 1

7. Tools

names of tools in english

If your students like DIY or work as carpenters, joiners, bricklayers or mechanics, then they’ll need to know the vocabulary related to tools.  From my experience with Spanish-speakers, students are often amused by the fact that English uses exactly the same words for both nouns and related actions. So here we have ‘hammer/hammer‘, ‘saw/saw‘ and ‘clamp/clamp‘. At least it makes these particular English words easy to remember!

Open pdf: Tools

8. Vegetables 1

words for vegetables in English

Given that we’ve looked at English words for fruits, it seemed only fair to take a look at good old vegetables too.  In fact, the two vocabulary sheets, plus our first sheet on kitchen appliances,  compliment each other well. Together, they should give your students a thorough grounding in the language needed to get stuff done in the kitchen.

Open pdf: Vegetables 1

¿What English word groups are you interested in?

Which groups of words would you like us to feature in future Vocabulary Sheets? At Linguabanca, we always try to provide our users with the materials that they need. Whether you’re a teacher or student, drop us a line and let us know what vocabulary topics you would like us to cover. We’ll do our very best to oblige!

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