Free English Vocabulary Sheets 1 – 4

Are beautiful vocabulary sheets are available for download completely free of charge. Now there's a bargain for you!

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English Vocabulary sheets

Welcome to the first offering from our series of English Vocabulary Sheets.

As a teacher, you’ll know that sourcing materials for classes can be a time-consuming chore, whether you are searching for existing resources online or have decided to produce something yourselves.  That’s why we’ve set out to make your lives a little easier, by producing a set of simple, well-designed pdfs which we hope will make learning English vocab easier and more engaging for your students.

Free to download

All our pdfs are free to download, and you are welcome to print, copy or send them as many times as you wish.  If you are interested in finding out how our team of educators and designers have come up with this specific format, we go into more detail about the anatomy of our English Vocabulary Sheets in this separate post.


English Vocab Sheets 1-4

Below, you’ll find links to our first four vocab sheets: The face, the body, clothes, and accessories.

1. The Face

English words for the face

We start our series by looking at the human face and its component parts: the nose, eyes, eyes, etc.  Both the verb section and the phrases section are quite eclectic. We include verbs for actions that we do with the face (or parts of it) like ‘see‘, ‘smile‘ and ‘wink‘. The phrases, meanwhile, are simple, practical examples which illustrate how to use these verbs with the given nouns. There aren’t really many surprises in this sheet, so to spice things up a little we have also included a couple of sentences for giving complements, which both male and female students should find useful!

Open pdf: The Face

2. The body

English vocabulary for the human bodyHaving done the face, it seemed only logical to go on and look at the different parts of the human body, from head to toe.  Amongst the phrases, we’ll see how to describe basic body movements (external ones!), such as ‘bend, ‘stretch or ‘tread, and we’ll also demonstrate how to say that a particular part of the body hurts.  We think that this sheet is suitable for students from beginner level upwards, though the verbs highlighted may be a little better suited to more advanced classes.

Open pdf: The body

3. Clothes

English vocabulary for clothes and fashion
This is the first of our sheets on the subject of clothes. There should be another two, or more, to come in the following months.  So as not to overload the students at the beginning, we start with 7 of the most common items of clothing.  Those fearful phrasal verbs are a key theme in this vocabulary lesson, and the sheet is actually a good starting point if your students have never seen English phrasal verbs before.  In the section of phrases we give lots of examples of the use of phrasal verbs, including sentences which demonstrate  how ‘put on‘ and ‘take off‘ are separable verbs.

Open pdf: Clothes 1

4. Accessories


Once your students have learned the basic English vocab for talking about clothes, it’s a natural fit to mix in a few accessories. We’ll look again at ‘put on’ and ‘take off’, and we’ll also introduce students to another extremely important verb. We hope that the clothes and accessories sheets together should give students a really good grounding in the use of phrasal verbs.

Open pdf: Accessories

¿Can we use the Linguabanca Vocab Sheets in class?

Of course! If you’re a teacher and would like to use our English Vocab Sheets in your classes, please go ahead. That’s what they have been designed for! You are free to use them as many times as you wish. We only ask that you exercise a little bit of restraint when it comes to printing.  Reusing sheets by inserting them in a clear plastic sleeve, or even laminating them, should help save a few trees!

Looking for more free English teaching resources?

We are working on a series of downloadable posters which feature even more words. They will be made available in a variety of different sizes. The first set will be published in Spring 2017.

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